Click HERE to start the Stroop Test.


This exercise demonstrates how a user's movements on a web page can be monitored with regard to placement and time. On the following pages, we can track the amount of time, in milliseconds (ticks), that the subject spends to study each image on the screen and the ordering of the subject's interest in each image.

Since the browser will not allow us to write directly to a disk file, data are stored in the frame on the right. Normally, one would not want this data to be on the same screen as the stimulus page. The data should be sent to another open browser window that is hidden under the stimulus window or a window that is kept on a second display monitor using the multiple display capabilities of Windows 98. Data can also be sent through CGI if one is fortunate to have such access.

Follow the directions in the right frame. Maximize your browser window to the full size of your screen or make it a minimum of 640 X 480 in size. Then click the link at the TOP of this page.