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1: text boxes 2: check boxes 3: radio buttons 4: menu lists


3.1 Please check ONE of the following:
You may check this
OR this
OR even this
like pushing the buttons on an old-time car radio.
It is possible, but not necessary, to pre-check an item.


3.2 Online surveys are generally:

short long
boring interesting
easy tedious
intimidating friendly


3.3 Do you agree with the following statements?
Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly
Radio buttons are really hip.
Check boxes are really square.
Check box matrixes are easy to use.
Radio Button matrixes are easy to use.


3.4 Choose between either Feature A or Feature B for each of the following:

A   B
on each row, choose the left side or or click to choose the right side
30 gig hard drive, 17-inch monitor or 15 gig hard drive, 19-inch monitor
17-inch monitor, 256 meg memory or 19-inch monitor, 128 meg memory
30-gig hard drive, 128 meg memory or 15-gig hard drive, 256 meg memory