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With two exceptions, the SyKronix web sites do not collect any information about you other than what you actively or knowingly provide.  One exception is the message forums, which log IP addresses to assist in investigating the source of spam and abuse.  Another exception is the pseudo eye tracking demonstrations, some of which log sub-second level real-time data associated with mouse movements.  Cookies might also be used in some applications, but these are only passively used by the applications to maintain usability and are stored on your own computer.  Information that is logged by this SyKronix site may be saved or maintained at a different location (e.g., different server).

Information that you knowingly provide includes but may not be limited to the submission of surveys and polls, test runs on the two focus room facilities, posts on the research forum, posts on the bookmark lists, and test runs of the beta Flight Recorder and mousEye demonstrations.  Surveys and polls do not log any information other than what you enter (e.g., do not collect the time of day, do not collect your browser type, do not collect your IP address) unless you are informed otherwise.  The synchronous focus group facilities create transcripts of any entries that are made, but do not log any other type of information (time, browser, IP, etc.). 

Some of the Flight Recorder pseudo eye tracking demonstrations on SyKronix and the mousEye demonstrations collect sub-second level real-time data associated with how the respondent is processing information, and this could be used to identify certain kinds of learning and other mental processing dysfunctions.  Although the Stroop test specifically demonstrates such a capability, data are only displayed and are not saved in that demonstration.  Other Flight Recorder and mousEye demonstrations do log real-time data, but you are aware that these are doing so and are aware of any information that you provide yourself.  These demonstrations do not log any other information that could be used to identify you (time of day, browser type, IP address, etc.), and no other part of this SyKronix (or mousEye) site logs real-time mouse tracking information.

Be aware that information that you post in a public place, such as a message board, is available to anyone.  If you believe that you have been spammed by someone who contacted you via information on this site, please write to me.  By comparing notes, we might have evidence that helps us to bring action against activities which spoil our profession.


Dr. Robert Owen