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Most of what is posted at the SyKronix Web sites are in the "copyleft" spirit of the GNU Public License (GPL).  This is different from being proprietary, but it does not mean that the material is "in the public domain." Unless clearly stated otherwise, you are allowed to use materials that are on this SyKronix site (this does not include linked material that is maintained at some place outside of this site), but you must reference SyKronix when you do so, you may not charge for the software or other SyKronix owned materials themselves, and you must, in writing, extend the same offer to others. 

For example, you may freely hack and install the Perl BookMark application, developed by SyKronix, on your own or someone else's server.  However, you must maintain original credits to SyKronix, you may not charge a fee for the software or source code itself, and you must extend, in writing, the same license to anyone else who uses this software or who develops an application that is based in any part on this original work.  You may, of course, charge a fee for your time and services associated with modifying or mounting the application and for any physical materials (e.g., copying to a CD). 

This also includes text material such as the educational materials posted at Tyman-Space Online College.  You may use these materials, but you must always include a written reference to SyKronix as the original source and you may not charge a fee for the original material, which is owned by SyKronix.  You may, however, charge a fee for your time and consulting services and may charge for any physical materials (e.g., photocopy paper).

Note that parts of SyKronix themselves are adapted from other sources, such as the asynchronous messaging systems (YaBB) and the synchronous focus group rooms (BlueSparks and ChatPro).  As required by the originators of the source code, links to the web sites of the owners of the original source code are maintained in the applications.  If you use those original works, then you would maintain the references and links to those original owners, not to SyKronix.

Some people believe that one can take ownership of a bookmark list of Web links.  Not true for individual brief lists such as what are on the SyKronix sites - swipe freely and shamelessly.  Anyone searching for the same limited material would have generated the same limited lists, so there can be no ownership, no matter the effort expended.  Lifting a page with many sets of links -- html, layout, and all -- is an entirely different issue.

It is always socially correct to let someone know when you are using their work to enhance your own.

Please do not abuse the copyleft idea.  People who make material and applications available for others to freely use do not generate any direct financial gain, but rather assist in the commerce of their business by sharing and exchanging tools of the trade with colleagues.  One hope for many of us is that such public demonstrations of our abilities make us worth more in the employment marketplace than those who have provided no evidence of having ever built anything that has any generalizable value.


Dr. Robert Owen